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Regardless if you are looking for some travel inspiration, education on a particular destination, or looking to book your next vacation, we can help.  Our passion is to help families and couples disconnect and reconnect as they experience God’s Magnificent creation!

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We have carefully cruated travel articles about destinations, travel tips and many other topcis to help inspire and educate you about God’s magnificent creation.  We have tried to organize them for you in an easy fasion for you to find the travel article(s) that are most helpful to you.  

If you find a topic that you would like for us to write about or you yourself have something you would liket o share with us, feel free to contact us.  We hope you enjoy are travel articles and that they do inspire you to travel!  

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Travel Articles about Destinations from Around the World.

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Travel Articles about Travel Tips for you and your Family

Will and Nikki Gott of Magnified Vacations CruiseOne

About US

Hello, my name is Will Gott.  Along with my wife, Nikki, we own Magnified Vacations CruiseOne.  I am the main contributor to our travel blog, Magnified Vacations Travel Blog.

Prior to owning our travel agency, I was not a traveler, but after my first cruise with my wife, I was hooked for life.  Now after 10 years of cruising and traveling the world, I want to share with you want I have learned and continue to learn.  One of the reasons I enjoy traveling so much is because you continue to learn about new destinations, cultures, and yourself.  

 Today, we have traveled the world together, been on over 25 cruises, and own one of the premium Travel Agencies in Indiana, Magnified Vacations CruiseOne.  

Enjoy the world through our lens!  Here are some photo galleries or our most recent travels.  We hope these will inspire you to travel and experience this world!

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Book your next vacation.  Let an experienced Travel Agent help, or book your next vacation yourself.  Either way, go and experience God’s Magnificent Creation!

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